Helenor: ‘Bad2’

Helenor: ‘Bad2’

Helenor frontman David DiAngelis offers another slice of hazy indie rock on new single ‘Bad2‘.

The track ruminates on the struggle for presence and mindfulness amidst life’s distractions. DiAngelis’ airy vocals float over jangly guitars, fuzzy bass and loose percussion.

Fans of lo-fi songwriting and dreamy jams will find much to enjoy here. But Helenor continues to hone his own brand of psych-tinged bedroom pop. Clever melodic motifs and counterpoints demonstrate DiAngelis’ growth as a composer. Meanwhile, the gauzy production boasts technicolor atmospherics.

For all its studio polish, ‘Bad2‘ retains a charming DIY quality. DiAngelis clearly relishes the creative freedom of self-production. Helenor has tapped into a transportive musical space between melancholy and euphoria.

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