Fer Fernando: ‘Asumir Forma’

Fer Fernando: ‘Asumir Forma’

On expansive lead single ‘Asumir Forma’, Guatemalan composer Fer Fernando fully inhabits his artistic vision.

Augmented by a cast of close collaborators, Fernando has crafted an odyssey equally epic in scope and intimacy – gossamer ambient textures augmented by hypnotic motorik rhythms. The intricate production and seamless transitions between movements stand testament to his talent, enveloping the listener like cresting waves.

Yet for all its ambition, ‘Asumir Forma’ retains profound heart. In laying his rites of passage bare, Fernando has gifted insight resonating beyond his personal journey into the universal realm. Likewise technically, embracing improvised textures prevents over-polish diluting vulnerability. With its triumphant fusion of fragility and defiance, this aptly-titled single suggests Fernando’s definitive artistic arrival is imminent. 

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