Fat Goth Set to Serve T in the Park Their Dinner…

T in the Park is almost here and Mark Keiller from Fat Goth has written a guest blog about why the band are so psyched to be playing!

“We’re absolutely delighted to be back at T in The Park this year! We were fortunate enough to be asked to play the BBC Introducing stage in 2013 and much like a young version of myself having my first taste of nutella, we knew it was the kind of experience we wanted to repeat.

Although Kev had played TITP a couple times in the past with his old band Laeto, neither myself or Fraser had had the opportunity albeit having tried with previous bands. Playing last year was like ticking off a massive experience on the bucket list, and one which I imagine features on most bucket lists of anyone from Scotland starting out in a band.  With that in mind, playing again this year is actually no less exciting and if anything I’m actually more buzzing this time round! We’re playing in a great late slot on the Saturday night, and I believe the main acts we’re up against are Calvin Harris and Elbow – so hopefully there will be plenty people at the festival looking for something a little bit heavier to send them off into the night!

After we released our second album STUD in January 2013, we went on to have the most successful year any of us has had in a band. The general response to the album was pretty overwhelming, and as a result we were afforded the kind of opportunities that help make playing in a band so rewarding. Not that any of us are applying for a free bus pass quite yet, but we’re long enough in the tooth now to know that the most important thing about being in a band is making sure you are always having fun. We all work full time, and although we wouldn’t necessarily turn our backs on the opportunity to tour more often, we’re fulfilled in having become entirely self-sufficient and every so often getting to play significant shows like T in The Park. Once you lose the simple enjoyment of just playing in front of an appreciative audience with your mates, then it’s time to question why you are in a band in the first place.

I went to almost every single T in The Park during my teenage years, camped the full weekend (grotty) and managed to see many bands that I worship to this day. Bands like the Foo Fighters, At The Drive In and Queens Of The Stone Age always made 3 days in a sweaty, farty, beer sodden tent worth it – and back then the thought of actually getting to play the festival was nothing more than a twinkle in my hayfever riddled eyes.

Several years on, not only are Fat Goth getting to play for the second year in a row, but I’m particularly proud that we’re helping inject some pant dropping heft into the proceedings!!”

Fat Goth play T Break Saturday 12th July at around 11pm!

Their latest record ‘One Hundred Percent Suave’ is available to buy NOW!

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