DYAN: ‘Steady Hand’

DYAN: ‘Steady Hand’

With her latest single ‘Steady Hand’, singer-songwriter DYAN offers up a moving meditation on devotion and self-sacrifice. Over a hushed music bed, DYAN’s featherlight vocals contemplate those who toil in obscurity so that others may thrive. Her lyrics evoke vivid images – a librarian meticulously curating books, a mother patiently waiting to wrap her child in a towel after swimming.

Though the song suggests burnout and disillusionment may eventually follow such steadfast commitment, DYAN doesn’t undermine the dignity of this quiet labour. Instead she honours those who give more than they get back.

Sonic touchstones from sonic inspirations can be heard, but DYAN makes the sound her own. ‘Steady Hand’ is a gorgeously rendered tribute to unseen emotional and physical exertion. With empathy and care, she gives voice to life’s overlooked yet essential tasks.

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