Darkstates: ‘Embers’

Darkstates: ‘Embers’

Darkstates latest offering, ‘Embers‘ takes listeners on a spellbinding sonic journey, a luminary within North London’s pulsating Warehouse community.

Blending analogue hardware with acoustic instruments, Darkstates crafts a sonic tapestry teeming with depth and texture, drawing from a diverse palette of influences spanning 90’s trip hop, jazz, melodic techno, and post-rock.

‘Embers’ is an immersive experience, a masterful fusion of electronic and traditional songwriting elements transports listeners into a realm where each note pulsates with emotive resonance. With this release, the musician and producer assert themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music sphere, with ‘Embers‘ serving as a captivating testament to Darkstates’ innovative vision and boundless creativity.

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