CR&M: ‘anbaric’

CR&M: ‘anbaric’

CR&M‘s latest offering ‘anbaric‘ is an intriguing piece of electronic music that draws the listener into its unusual sound world.

Evoking the nostalgia of a fading memory, the track wields a fragmented vocal sample that dissipates in and out of focus. Underneath lies an intricate patchwork of glitchy beats and warm, humming synths that seem to drift, suspended in time and space.

There’s a hypnotic, cyclical quality to the composition as melodic motifs fade then reemerge, blurred around the edges.  As the track progresses, rippling arpeggios and stuttering rhythms gather momentum, building towards more anxious terrain.

Steeped in intrigue and immediacy rather than melody or structure, they forge a unique strain of electronic music that leaves the listener wanting more as the last echoes dissipate.

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