Cairn String Quartet – The Mother We Share

As explained, we are dedicating Song of the Day up until Wickerman Festival to musicians playing the Solus and goNorth stages.

Today is the turn of the Cairn String Quartet. My heart swells as it is with strings, but this quartet of ladies have not only mastered the classical side of things, but now the commercial and mainstream and done so in a way that is refreshing, intelligent and heart warming.

It is frankly overwhelming how hard they work and how many musicians they have covered and guested with. This Chvrches cover is just one of the many.

Cairn String Quartet play Solus Tent this year and if I am refreshed I am going to weep into my cup of gin.

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  1. One of my *must see* acts at this years festival Halina. I cannot wait to hear them play live

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