Broken Chanter: ‘Wholesale’

Broken Chanter: ‘Wholesale’

I remember the first 7″ that Kid Canaveral gave Podcart. A bold and galvanized band with incredible energy they were always made up of a gifted collective. 

Singer-songwriter David MacGregor has since formed the more softened Broken Chanter with a troop of Scottish stalwarts and it’s as endearing as you would expect. 

Collaborating with the likes of percussionist Audrey Tait & Jill O’Sullivan (Sparrow and the Workshop, bdy_prts) amongst others, he has coaxed something packed with sentiment and ambition.

Debut single ‘Wholesale’ is a deliciously dark slice of indie folk and is packed with endearing nuances in its arrangement to pluck on those heartstrings. A promised base of what’s to come, this is a mature and bare-boned introduction. MacGregor continues to illustrate what a gifted songwriter he is. 

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