Brimheim: ‘Brand New Woman (feat. eee gee)’

Brimheim: ‘Brand New Woman (feat. eee gee)’

Danish artist Brimheim joins forces with rising star eee gee for ‘Brand New Woman‘, a cathartic howl against the constraints of performative femininity.

Backed by a driving bassline and dynamic instrumental, Brimheim and eee gee inhabit a ferocious new persona, one who marks their territory via metaphors of blood and broken glass.

When ee gee unleashes raw-nerved vocals against the track’s punishing soundscape, the effect proves as affirming as it is abrasive. The artists lay bare internalised expectations, exposing each wound before burning restrictive norms to the ground.

Yet any frenzy comes counterbalanced by discipline. Brimheim’s icy production grounds the track’s fiery emotions in sleek contours and negative space. If ‘Brand New Woman’ moves between states of chaos and release, it does so with stylish restraint.

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