Best Of May

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in January for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:

Celeste: Summer feat. Jeshi

UK soul artist Celeste has managed to take her lavish vocal and effortlessly open the doors to a song that will feel as relevant in years to come as it does now. The juxtaposition between this spacial arrangement and complex production is wonderfully effective. Here shines promise of incredible things to come. 

Husky Loops: Everyone Is Having Fun Fun But Me

The Italo-London trio has managed to gain tremendous praise with previous releases and with its quirky beatscapes and infectious melodies, their latest single oscillates with something surprisingly heartfelt at its core. ‘Everyone Is Having Fun Fun But Me’ is bold, creative and addictive. 

MAGUIRE: Fallible

London-based singer-songwriter MAGUIRE stokes the fire of new single ‘Fallible’ and manages to build it from a fragile opening to something affecting within its emotional territory. Both compelling and pensive, there’s intriguing darkness that she manages to capture effortlessly and with that, she sets herself apart from the mundane. 

Eleni Drake: Ceilings

‘Ceilings’ exudes jazz and blues from its roots but manages to cleverly move effortlessly to RnB shores. Drake’s vocal has a versatility that’s refreshing and the combination of sweet vocals, breezy melodic hooks and trip hop-esque production proves a winning formula. This is a beguiling listen. 

Faith & Majesty: I Can’t Lie

The South Florida indie-folk duo create a surprisingly immersive sound. The song shines vocally making it both tough and tender and this lyrically explores love in a poignant way. This is a languid and soulful debut that hints at beautiful purity in songwriting. 

Cliff Martinez: Naked Guy Murder

Taken from the soundtrack for 10-part series Too Old To Die Young, stalwart composer Martinez once again demonstrates why he is at the top of his game. Demanding stillness from its listener, Martinez builds a horrifying tension culminating in a delicious unease throughout. 

Solulf: Nå då så

The second of our composers on our list and Sweden’s Solulf errs to the side of melancholy with his spacious piano arrangement. Sustained strings create extra layers to a moving composition and the restraint shown here is what makes it so special. 

Mystery Friends: Low

The Washington collective show a real sophistication in their production and with fervent top line melodies, there are hooks aplenty. There’s a soaring romanticised nostalgia here that takes you to lofty heights making this instantly catching and completely disarming. 

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