Best Of February

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in January for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:

joan: Drive All Night

The Arkansas duo continues to champion a vibrant and exciting new blend of electro-pop. Their latest release injects bounteous amounts of 80’s synth undertones into a perfectly crafted pop landscape. Equal parts addictive hooks and ravishing delivery, they are one of the finest bands in their stylistic field. 

Talkboy: Someone Else For You

The Leeds sextet immediately hit with a potent indie rock production and one that manages to fill your headphones and speakers with a memorable dynamic. Filled with memorable melodies, you can imagine a legion of fans pogoing in unison in a live setting. This is a shimmering, heady and vigorous snapshot of failed love that manages to create a bittersweet sonic remedy for those looking for escapism. 

Daniel Avery: Under The Tallest Arch

Avery is a producer who manages to coat his songs in exquisite depth and adds a divine layering within his mixes. His latest release is no exception with its inmost atmospherics. Confirming again was a prolific talent he is, this fuses bewitching soundscapes and ominous sustained synths to make something both haunting and intoxicating. 

The Western Den: Company

The Bostonian 2-piece is by far one of the most exciting songwriting teams on the current music circuit. Taken from their faultless debut album, A Light Left On, this is hotly dramatic yet still manages to create a warmly enveloping sound. The bandwidth of invention on show here is mesmerising and as perfection goes, this is it. 

Coco Bans: Fighting Feathers

The Parisian outfit fronted by American singer-songwriter Allyson Ezell will melt hearts with their sublime electro-pop offering.  This paints shades of an alternative galaxy and moves the listener away from the mundane with little effort. Whilst it teases a crescendo without fruition, it maintains a cosmic balance and Ezell’s vocal is entrancing. 

Pedro The Lion: Quietest Friend

David Bazan and his bandmates need little introduction and this comes as welcome return from the alt-rock trio. The introspective release comes with the candid confessions from Bazan about his mental health struggles and this is translated beautifully. There’s always been a wholly original craft when it comes to the band and they have a remarkable way of touching you in a way that few musicians can. This is a rewarding comeback. 

Cosmo Calling: Rita

The Manchester-based quintet is part of the new school of indie rock bands producing pristine alternative anthems. Punchy and compelling, this leaves you craving an album’s worth of material. This is intelligent rock music that holds unexpected melodic moments. This is short, sharp, deliciously sweet and still manages to say plenty. 

Treeboy & Arc: Plastic Front

Leeds has always produced some of the best alternative bands and the last few years, in particular, have donated a gang of impresarios including Treeboy & Arc. Its traditional post-punk frame gives way to delirious guitar lines and unshakeable lyrical passage. Building to a heart-stopping finale, this is composionally glorious. 

Molly Sterling: Feeble

Sterling’s vocal is one of those life-affirming experiences. There’s a richness to it that means anything surrounding is just filler. Her latest release is beautifully formed and she manages to push every ounce of her unique self into her delivery. There’s a sophistication in her lofty performance and one that will no doubt floor new listeners. 

Sea Girls: Open Up Your Head

In a pool of mundane indie rock, this stands loud and proud. With one of the catchiest hooks of the year so far, the London 4-piece deliver their next stadium-worthy banger. Riddled with dance-inducing moments, there’s sincerity on show here and this is above all else, hugely entertaining. 

Amo Amo: When I Look At You

The LA-based psychedelic pop 5-piece have revealed their latest single and its delicate percussive backbone is the perfect canvas for quirky synth flickers and verdant vocal harmonies. This is a particularly inviting number and one that shows wonderful cohesion by notable musicians. 

Michelle Blades: Politic!

The Mexican-Panamanian indie rock artist shows a satisfying versatility and this will appeal to a plethora of stylistically diverse fans. There are some stunning sonic curveballs thrown throughout and its vocal oddities help make it stand apart from a number of other peers. Prepare to be inspired. 

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