Best Of December

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in December for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them.

BOII: Footwork

If the first single from the transatlantic duo from their forthcoming debut EP is anything to go by, we are in for something special. This is a beautiful triumph in terms of melody, production and dynamic and its vibrancy will be an instant attraction for commercial and underground fans alike. Underpinned with the best aspects of minimal electronic and anthemic electro-pop, this is endlessly playable. 

Dense: Fever Dream

The peppered gaps over the last few years yearning to be filled by discordant, raucous rock has started to increase. Thankfully Dense is one of the bands to help the cause and their latest offering, Fever Dream is a movement of angular guitars, dirty walls of noise and delicious abrasions. Their filthy, ferocious sounds will satisfy even the hardest to please post-hardcore enthusiasts out there. 

√ĄTNA: Come To Me

The German electro newcomers are an enigmatic addition to the landscape and this enigmatic juggernaut manages to meld as much within its melodic makeup as it does within its flawless production. Acting as an anthem, Come To Me is a deeply rewarding listen. 

KIALLA: Kotton Kandy

With home roots in Iran and Russia, the duo has created a blend dark hip hop that travels far beneath the surface of comfort. Emerging with a new video for its grimy soundtrack, it further augments addictive unease. This is one of the finest releases of 2019 without doubt and their magnetism with no doubt attract a new legion of listeners and watchers. 

Neighbours Burning Neighbours: Grace

The Rotterdam-based outfit has emerged with a compelling introduction for us. Their debut single is a raw, idiosyncratic sonic boom with flashes of melodic weavings and a staunch percussive backbone. This is pure escapism and it will be fascinating to see how they will unravel their potential going forward. We are very excited. 

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