Best Of August

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:

Dorothy Hale: Broken Bubble

A mysterious Glasgow-based outfit, Dorothy Hale cite this as a demo, but it feels remarkably accomplished. Bubbling with melancholy, its shoegaze glimmers and candied vocals add to an already charming composition. 

Matt Spicer: Strangers

This is rustic, heartfelt and the Glasgow singer-songwriter has penned and produced a ballad that is both full-bodied and utterly endearing. With soaring vocal upper octaves, there is a clarity here that makes this feel like he has been around for decades. 

Celvin X: Frequency Curves

Following a sabbatical, the DJ/producer returns to form with a wondrous techno beast to get lost in. A contemporary and rigid banger, this is mind-wrenching electro poetry. This commands its space and will leave you feeling hedonistic. 

Vök: Autopilot

The Icelandic outfit return with dream-pop perfection. Their latest release, ‘Autopilot‘ is full of light and channels their influences with ease. This is confessional synth-electronica with soul. As synthetic as it instrumentation is, there is more human touch shown here than in an abundance of its peers. 

Michael Flynn: Get Old

Using footage only from family home movies between 1958-2018 and featuring 6 generations of family members, Flynn’s latest video will have hairs standing on end and bottom lips quivering. Accompanied by a mesmerising vocal and instrumental delivery, this is crafted with as much heart as it is skill. This is fully realised artistry. 

Campdogzz: Southern

Without Jess Price’s vocal this wouldn’t quite pack the punch it does. Her voice is an awakening, it’s gravel, power and confidence is beyond understanding at times. This is another triumph in songwriting and delivery from one of the best bands to grace the planet at the moment. 

Super Paradise: Sweat 

The London quintet launches an assault on the ears with such self-assuredness. ‘Sweat‘ manages to build enough tension and energy that by the time the last crescendo hits, further sonic brutalism is like a shower of relief. Embrace the relentlessness of a notable new outfit. 

Paul McGranaghan: Little Flame

Returning after 6 years, the Scottish singer-songwriter has emerged with a captivating ballad. There’s a malaise rooted in this that makes it all the more poignant. With subtlety and a sirenic vocal delivery, this is a welcome come back. 

Riley Pearce: Eastbound

This is the second month that the Australian singer-songwriter has been in our best of. With a huge production and fervent talent at its core, this excels on a new level in terms of musicianship. This could easily provide a vibrant soundtrack for those times in your life when you can pinpoint yourself at your happiest. 

Guster: Hard Times

Indescribably perfect, this is packed with imagination and give space to expand. The textures within the production create a beautiful collage and the outfit manage to combine all their influential traces into a song that marries electronic and organic seamlessly. 

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