BAD WITH PHONES: ‘Don’t Talk To Me’

BAD WITH PHONES: ‘Don’t Talk To Me’

BAD WITH PHONES, the London/Berlin-based musical maverick, has resurfaced after a two-year hiatus with a mind-bending new single, ‘Don’t Talk To Me’.

Released on Don’t Sleep, this track is a wild ride through the artist’s signature “shroomified” sound, a kaleidoscopic fusion of weirdo pop, rap, spoken word, R&B, and indie-electro.

‘Don’t Talk To Me‘ is a psychedelic rap sermon that pulses with manic energy, propelled by scratchy post-punk guitars and an infectious refrain of ‘blah blah blah’. The track perfectly captures the claustrophobic desperation of yearning to escape a trashed, early hours house party, with BAD WITH PHONES’ eccentric delivery and genre-defying production creating a dizzying, hallucinatory atmosphere.

This single is a testament to the artist’s unparalleled ability to push boundaries and subvert expectations. 

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