Afrobaby: ‘W8ing’

Afrobaby: ‘W8ing’

With her debut single ‘W8ing‘, newcomer Afrobaby serves up a mesmerising odyssey exploring the darkest depths of grief.

Conjured entirely solo during a rain-drenched November night in her bedroom studio, the Bradford artist’s smooth honeyed vocals glide over muted beats as she delves into life’s most painful transitions.

Yet despite its solemn origins, ‘W8ing‘ becomes a phosphorescent flame guiding lost souls from darkness to light and you feel the catharsis in her words. This is an artist using her authentic lived experience to illuminate the universality of loss and healing.

Bereft of over-production, what makes ‘W8ing‘ soar is its minimalist focus on cutting lyricism taking us to emotional spaces rarely visited in song. With addiction and spirituality explored so fearlessly here, Afrobaby establishes herself as an intriguing rising talent.

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