The Van T’s: ‘Blood Orange’

The Van T’s: ‘Blood Orange’

The Van T’s have started to emerge as one of the most promising Scottish bands to date. For a lot of press, the novelty of  girls playing guitars, not to mention twins in a band, is easy click bait, but this is meaningless when delving into the band’s small, but incredible discography.

‘Blood Orange’ is the first single from their forthcoming EP, A Coming Of Age. Notably, 45 A Side studios’ production has brought out the best in the 4-piece and with a head-turning vitriolic wall of sonic proportions, this highlights exactly what I was waiting for.

This transcends the mundane whilst seizing the best of 90s alternative rock on its way. It’s surprising how well ‘Blood Orange’ absorbs the band’s disparate influences without compromising any of its devastating beauty.

In a genre considered creatively saturated, this shines brightly.

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