Stanley Odd: ‘Where They Lie’

Stanley Odd: ‘Where They Lie’

Stanley Odd‘s sabbatical has not been too much of a chore thanks to Dave Hook aka Solareye‘s solo output. The accomplished MC and band’s frontman has always managed to keep their light on a dimmer in the background which makes their return feel all the more explosive. 

There’s a new dawn for Scottish hip hop and you can feel it. It feels more progressive, there’s greater depth and there is a plethora of new talent on the horizon. The return of Stanley Odd further augments this and their gritty new release is what I’ve been waiting for. 

There’s always been political potency beneath their lyricism and social narrative but this is something different. The intensity and darkness within the production and track’s arrangement are striking and it makes me uncomfortable – but in the best way possible. 

The pulsating synth backdrop combined with a veracious lyrical commentary results in a song that wears its feelings unabashedly on its sleeve.

‘Where They Lie’ is complex, stark and breathtaking. Stanley Odd have managed to come back with more aplomb than ever before. 

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