Premiere: The Grand Gestures feat. Jill O’Sullivan & Sanjeev Kohli

Premiere: The Grand Gestures feat. Jill O’Sullivan & Sanjeev Kohli

The Grand Gestures is the brainchild of musician Jan Burnett. Past and present collaborators include: Jill O’Sullivan, RM Hubbert, Sanjeev Kohli, Calamateur, Emma Pollock, Pauline Alexander, Celie Byrne, Calamity Horse and Dave Burnett.

Jan has penned and curated his third album due for release in 2015. I am delighted to bring you the first listens of collaborations with Sparrow & The Workshop’s Jill O’Sullivan and another with Scottish comedian, actor and write Sanjeev Kohli.


‘Compos Mentos’ sounds distinctly modern thanks to production, but there is a wonderful feeling reminiscent of The Sugarcubes for me. Between the lush electronic synth textures doubled with Jill O’Sullivan’s effortless vocal,  a vulnerability is exposed that The Grand Gestures are fantastic at mastering.


Remember ‘You To Me Are Everything’, the original Northern Soul track? Well, Sanjeev Kohli and Jan Burnett have created their own unique version. Whilst the vocal delivery and tribal robotics of the track thankfully don’t match The Real Thing’s version, the offer of love in verse is both amusing and relevant.