néomí: ‘so i let you (15th of june – evening)’

néomí: ‘so i let you (15th of june – evening)’

néomí, the Surinamese-Dutch folk-pop singer-songwriter also known as Neomi Speelman, has delivered a powerful and emotionally charged single with ‘so i let you (15th of june – evening)‘.

The track showcases her growth as an artist, as she embraces a rich and textured alt-pop sound that perfectly compliments her heartfelt lyrics.

Inspired by a deeply personal and difficult heartbreak, ‘so i let you (15th of june – evening)’ is a testament to néomí’s evocative songwriting. The song’s progressive composition beautifully captures the complex emotions of holding on to a love that may not be meant to be, while also finding the strength to accept the choices made. néomí’s vocals are both vulnerable and empowering, with raw emotion in her voice notably palpable. néomí’s artistic growth is a relatable narrative for anyone who has experienced the pain and liberation of letting go.

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