Life is Like a Box of Records: Vienna Ditto

Life is Like a Box of Records: Vienna Ditto

Vienna Ditto return with their latest collection of sci-fi infused pop music with the release of Busted Flush, out on Friday 11th November 2016 via Ubiquity Project Recordings. Check out lead singer Hatty Taylor’s tracks that have ‘sountracked’ her life:

The Seekers – Morningtown Ride

My Mum used to sing this to me when I was really little, I thought it was a nursery-rhyme or something but I got a record in the charity shop the other day and it was a very emotional experience… I remember it got me into songs; there’s a line about a train full of sleeping children going out across the bay, I could really see the lights from the train reflected in the water. It made me realise that words could make pictures in your head like that.

Plath – I am Strange Now

I first heard this a couple of years ago when I was at a really low ebb; it’s a disjointed, primitive, proto-industrial slab of noise that clocks in at about one minute thirty but is so nihilistic I put it on instant reload. For about an hour. It’s topped off with with a lady screaming over the top- in English, but with a fab Italian accent; you can’t make it all out but it’s stuff like “it’s late, the sun is set, I’m cold, my hands are cold, what is it, what am I to do? What does the future hold for us? Nooooooothing!!!” And something about tearing her dress. I found it rather uplifting, in an odd way.

Bo Diddley – Who Do You Love

This was the song that inspired me to hang up my raving shoes and board the R&B train. It’s so echoey and future-retro and has that chunka-chunka-chunk CHUNK CHUNK guitar; which, in extensive studies I’ve conducted has proven to make small children dance every single damn time you play it. Oh and the lyrics I can quote til I run over the word count: “I walked twenty six miles of barbed wire, I wear a cobra snake for a neck-tie, I got a brand new house on the road-side, made of rattlesnake hide…”

Kirsty McColl – Days

This always reminds me of my Mum’s funeral, on the occasions I’m brave enough to put it on. She was a huge Kirsty McColl fan and requested it to be played; whenever I hear it I think of that time, and how sad but how blessed we were to have the time we did.

Beach Boys – I Get Around

This is a car song for me… Its incessant West-Coast harmonisation was drilled into my head on countless drives with with my grandparents from between the age of 6 to around 8 or 9.  I thought that was what being a grown up would be like.

All Saints – Pure Shores

(Age 14) Having lost the talent show at school with a gymnastics routine the year before, my friend and I tried singing this song instead. It was probably the first time I sang in front of an audience and we came first place! Lesson learned: much better at singing than cartwheels.

Depeche Mode – Blasphemous rumours

Probably about age 12 in my step dad’s car this song really resonated with me as well as scaring me a little bit. It was the seeming acceptance of the inequality of life that struck me and I remember relating to the apathy. Being a child who modelled herself on Wednesday Adams at the time.

Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name of

As a teenager smoking in the park on a Saturday with my friends we thought we were very cool indeed. This was a bit of a theme tune for us, and is particularly notable for having a dance that went with it. I’m sure that a surprising number of adults could recreate the moves. Busted Flush is out on 11th November 2016 via Ubiquity Project Recordings.

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