Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Gallery 47

Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Gallery 47

Singer-songwriter Gallery 47 aka Jack Peachey returns with with another delicately weaved collection of captivating alt-folk tracks on his latest EP Bad Production, out on 5th May 2017 via Bad Production Records.

Jack has shared his most influential tracks with us for this week’s Life Is Like A Box Of Records…

Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead

“When I was 13, I was very sentimental and wet. In fact, I may still be a bit of those two things. Who really knows at the time, anyway. Either way, I adored this girl who had this boyfriend who was older and cooler and had longer hair than me, and he could skate and liked football. And I was young looking and small and would listen to this song and feel sorry for myself. If I could be who you wanted etc. Etc.”

Disposable Teens by Marilyn Manson

– “So then I became furious and channelled much of my self-disatisfaction into being a little bit of a, well, my ‘friends’ at the time used to call me a wannabe goth. This was between the ages of say 11 – 13. I would die my hair red to look like Matt Bellamy from Muse. But then one day I heard this girl saying I looked like an elf. And besides, all the other kids stopped being all ‘I wear black all the time’ but I didn’t want it to look like I was just going along with the crowd. So I stayed like that and probably isolated myself at school a bit.

River by Joni Mitchell

– “At 17 I met a girl a bit older than me who was a beautiful singer, and she really loved this song. She got me into Joni Mitchell I guess. We had all sorts of horrible fall outs too. Apparently James Taylor and Joni Mitchell were together for a bit, but I never knew that until recently! Either way, it’s a really sad song, but it’s always been one of my favourites when I’m all glum and blue.”

Break ‘Em Off Some by Cypress Hill

“Haha, now I nearly didn’t put this one in. But I think it’s relevant. I love Black Sunday by Cypress Hill. Me and my friend Parker used to live at a building called The Habitat in Nottingham. We both worked for this energy company and we both chipped in most of our wages to live in this swanky penthouse for 6 months or so, maybe longer, I can’t remember. Either way, I have two vivid musical memories of that time. The first was drinking a bottle of white wine and becomming quite euphoric to Led Zeppelin 4 on the record player. The others were probably picking up guitars and PS4 controllers in equal measure, Resident Evil 4, and Black Sunday by Cypress Hill. Still not really sure how I got through my first year of university!

Blossom by James Taylor

“My mum bought me the album ‘Elk Lake Serenade’ by Hayden from Fopp in Nottingham, and I loved it. She also bought me ‘Sweet Baby James’ by James Taylor that day, and I loved that too. Once I met this producer in Scotland who was a bit rude to me about James Taylor. I said something like, “I just want to be like him, playing guitar and singing” and he said, “Well he can get away with it!”. That was only 3 years ago or so. So I did the album myself!

Chasing Pirates by Norah Jones

“There’s a subway opposite my house and I go in there entirely too much. Once I find something I like, I can’t stop. So they used to call me Mr. Meatball. Now they don’t call me much. I try not to go in there all the time these days. Something about processed food makes me worry. But either way I used to hear this song all the time in Subway. See, this is living. I’m not saying I liked it because I was getting a sandwich at the same time.

The Author by Karima Francis

“When I was 17 I played a show in Manchester. My mum took me in her car. Can you believe it? At the time I was playing an acoustic through a Marshall valve amp. It took us ages to get there and when we finally did, a place called Joshua Brookes, well it was one of those open mic kind of things albeit with bookings made prior to the event. There wasn’t a strict schedule and I ended up too nervous ever to opt to go next until I was the last one, and I played to hardly anyone! But, that night I saw a young Karima Francis playing this lovely song with a violin and 2
nd acoustic guitar accompaniment and it was wonderful.”

How Soon Is Now? By The Smiths

“These days it’s hard to get me to a musical festival because I quite like to feel secure and relaxed at all times. Maybe they go together. If I feel secure, I feel relaxed!! Either way, before I became this way I used to go all over the place. I went to Benicassim and Reading and Leeds and to Download Festival a lot too, but never Glastonbury (though Louise was stewarding there last year and got free tickets to see Metallica!!!). I saw Morrissey play this song at Reading when I was a teenager and he totally won me over. It was a great performance.

Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

“Right. Now I’ll let my brother off for lots of things. But he stole that f**king dance competition from me. I’m talking full-on Napolean Dynamite here. At Haven Holidays, or some budget equivalent in 1999. I was maybe 9 or 10. I entered this leisure-club dance competition alongside couple of 6 year old girls and maybe a socially challenged 13 year old. I prepared this whole routine for this song. I moved my head left, my arm left, my head right, etc., – yes, and it’ll never happen again, by the way. I’m far too self-aware now. I was by 11. But I wasn’t then. And my bloody brother could do one bloody breakdance move, ‘The Worm’, and he entered that competition after I chose to and he did that worm and he came 1
st and I came 2nd. Therapy. Therapy, that’s what I need. Stupid breakdancing.

On Our Last Date by Conway Twitty

“Haha, just for comic value. This is my most recent autobiographical moment. We went to Amsterdam and stayed in an Air B&B – me and louise. To be honest the only reason we went to that place is because we hoped they might have some cats for us to look after. That happened once. But alas, no cats. Like many others I first heard of Conway Twitty on Family Guy. Then I heard his cover of Okie From Muscogee and it made me laugh. But I still quite like this song, in a funny sort of way.”

Bad Production by Gallery 47 is due for release on 5th May 2017 via Bad Production Records.

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