Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Emily Magpie

Having released her debut EP Same Stuff last year, Bristol-based artist Emily Magpie is set to share her enchanting new single ‘The Witching Hour’ on 26th May 2017.

Emily has shared some of her most influential tracks with us for this week’s Life Is Like A Box Of Records…

‘Oh Yoko!’ – John Lennon

This song just makes me really happy and want to dance around the room. I adore John Lennon’s songwriting; expressing big ideas, simply. I think that’s a lot harder to do than overcomplicating things.

‘Constant Surprises’ – Little Dragon

Ohhhh this track, wow. Little Dragon inspires me so much, such a cool laid-back vibe. Beautiful, otherworldly ideas that help me when the world feels chaotic. I’m a big believer in listening to the universe and following where it leads you, so this song speaks to me so much.

‘Together Again’ – Janet Jackson

I used to listen to this song when I was little and sing along. Janet Jackson made me want to be a singer, her voice in this song is so lush. Still love it!

‘Lover You Should Have Come Over’ – Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley just sounds like a really sad angel. His songwriting just grabs you – you cant help but be pulled in by his heart, which he pours into his music. So emotional and vulnerable and definitely has been on many a post-break up playlist.

‘Sister’ – Young Fathers

I love Young Fathers. I saw them live in Birmingham and they have such energy. They make you feel like a gig is a movement, like their music is created as a call to arms for our society. I was blown away by them

‘Everything Is Everything’ – Lauryn Hill 

Lauryn Hill is just the queen. She is incredible and really gets it. Love The Fugees too, and she was definitely an early influence vocals and songwriting wise – I was always singing along to her music.

‘Dog Days Are Over’ – Florence And The Machine

I love Florence – her voice is beautiful and eerie, her songs get me and she’s so amazing live, and so unique. Her music inspired me to make music, as I saw people responding to it, and realised there was probably a space for my stuff.

‘Dreams’- Fleetwood Mac

I grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac and never really appreciated them as a child – they were a band my mum always over-played. But then I saw a documentary on them a few years back and was hooked. Stevie Nicks is magical, I want to be her.

‘Limit To Your Love’ – James Blake

Whenever I feel myself overcomplicating my production, I come back to James Blake. His production is so minimal, yet done so well and that serves as a reminder to me to just stick to what the track needs, and try and find new, but uncomplicated ways of doing things. He’s really had a big impact on music in general, there was nothing quite like him beforehand.

‘Worry’ – Jack Garratt

I watch live videos of Jack Garratt all the time. He plays about 100 instruments all perfectly. Such a talented person and beautiful songwriter too. Another inspiration for me for production and for live sets. I love to watch how other musicians do their live set up, as I’m currently exploring changing mine around.

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