Laveda: ‘bb’

Laveda: ‘bb’

New York-based duo Laveda land with notable poise and cement their position in producing a refreshing new wave of alternative shoegaze. 

With its 90s nostalgia instrumental music bed, ‘bb‘ is a sonic reminder of my adolescence that’s both welcome and poignant. The walls of sound the pair create are nothing short of breathtaking, but it’s the melodic layerings that are most notable. The hooks are clean, and mighty and push your emotions further than you might expect. 

Vocalist Ali Genevich is the icing on the cake and her falsetto acts like a puppet string guiding the song through to the end. A rollicking and impeccable listen. 

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  1. My second favourite band after Wolf Alice. I love that Ali and Jake try different things rather just variations on the same theme.

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