GM07: Scottish Indie Sampler

GM07: Scottish Indie Sampler

It is still glaringly apparent that the same labels in Scotland are getting more press than some of the new kids. I think that the press see a long-standing name and get their masturbation rag out automatically.

Well guys, there is another realm you have yet to discover. Fuzzkill, Number4Door, Crater Cove, Good Grief, Soft Power and GoldMold Records have just announced an 18-track sampler that has something for everyone – no, really!


The GM07: Scottish Indie Sampler is a collaborative effort and showcases what is happening for those that don’t have enough energy to go and search for it. There will be 100 limited edition pink cassettes released this Friday 14th August in selected stores.

Featuring the likes of praised artists Catholic Action, Chrissy Barnacle, Deathcats and Outblinker, the release also boasts fierce new talent in the form of Dec ’91, Youngstrr Joey, Egopatterns and Breakfast Muff (still my favourite band name of the last 6 years).

For anyone questioning the diversity and state of Scottish DIY labels, look no further – this is glorious. Cameron Orr’s stunning artwork is the icing on the cake.

You can stream the sampler now below and as a tribute, all of our ‘Songs of the Day’ this week will be a different track taken from the sampler.

For full information on where to purchase, please visit:


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