Best Of September

Best Of September

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:

Sea Girls: All I Want To Hear You Say

The 4-piece have managed to sculpt an incredible year for themselves in 2018. Their live reputation along is gaining significant word of mouth. Their latest single is, for us, the best release thus far. There are certain moments in life when you are feeling vulnerable, sad or indeed any other emotion and you may just hear a voice or a line of a song and feel that person understands how you’re feeling. This is all of those things. 

Evalyn: A Pill To Crush

The Californian singer-songwriter is one of the most exciting new talents on the block. Her repertoire alone in terms of stylistic output is faultless. Whether it be indie, alternative or pop, she has nailed it every single time. With an EP out now, this is a small taster and you are left ravenous for more. 

Jailbox: Sewer Cap (Dead Sea)

The Missouri trio has a marvellous gift for creatic lavish scores within their music. It almost borders on what we conventionally deem classical and the atmospherics are otherworldly. This is no different and a song that is poignant and instantly gratifying. 

Ben Howard feat Sylvan Esso: Hot Heavy Summer

A marriage of two stalwart artists results in everything you hope for and more. There’s something really nourishing about this on an emotional level. All sense of time is lost and its subtle sweeping moments are understated, yet utterly sublime. The melancholic quavering and delicate vocals are left dancing among your thoughts. 

Mama Kokomo: Valley Of Heat

The second release from the Los Angeles-based and our first introduction. This glistens and shines in a way that transports you amongst the sunspots and gentle haze of late summer. With perfectly crafted melodic moments and a vocal that could soothe almost every worry away, this is perfect to get lost in. 

Alexandria Maillout: Mail It Out

Residing on Vancouver Island, the singer-songwriter has notable maturity in her delivery. Amongst a whirlwind of saturated pop, lad rock and hip hop, Maillout shines. There is substantial talent here, the build alone will leave you breathless. She is a tour de force and this is stunning. 

Music Within: Weightless

Rob McAllister aka Canadian artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Music Within has managed to pen one of the most moving pieces for me in 2018. Given its simplicity, it is incredible how much emotion he still manages to make the listener feel. This is a sonic journey through the burrows of his mind, it’s melancholic, melodic and remarkable. 

Peter Bjorn and John: Gut Feeling

They are back in the most magnificent style and this will knock your heart out after the first round. Irresistibly captivating, this is life-affirming melodically rich songwriting at its very best. 

Vök: Night and Day

The Icelandic outfit has become a firm favourite of ours. Their latest release taken from their long player penned in for release March 2019 is another promising precursor to a very special album. Their butter-smooth delivery and production is a small part of their make up. This is well-crafted, solid pop songwriting and they have a long career ahead. 

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