AULDA: ‘Cheetah’

AULDA: ‘Cheetah’

Scottish electronic music producer Bryan Hollinger, better known by his moniker AULDA, has unleashed blistering new single ‘Cheetah’.

This “155bpm breakbeat” behemoth is a testament to Hollinger’s deep-rooted passion for the electronic music scene of the early to mid-2000s, drawing inspiration from a smorgasbord of genres including a sample of Felix’s ‘Don’t You Want Me‘. 

This adrenaline-fueled juggernaut showcases AULDA’s mastery of high-energy, fast-paced electronic soundscapes. The track’s relentless breakbeats and pulsating basslines harken back to the golden era of rave culture and personal nostalgic moments in Manchester’s electronic scene.

Hollinger’s production skills are on full display as he seamlessly blends sonics resulting in a powerful addition to AULDA’s discography. 

AULDA ยท Cheetah

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