MonthJuly 2016

William Crighton: ‘2000 Clicks’

William Crighton releases second single ‘2000 Clicks’ ahead of an extensive Australian tour with fellow songwriter Claire Anne Taylor. This is a beautiful song tapping into hurt and hope. Crighton’s heartwrenching vocals are almost weighted in pain and passion. The positive for us though is that we get to experience it.

NEDA: ‘Prehistoric Love’

It’s NEDA’s sense of immediacy that grabbed me when I first heard her. Her endearing nature saturates her new release ‘Prehistoric Love’, wantonly moving you through the song. Vocally, she soars majestically through and this is a bold, adventurous step forward for her as an artist. This is fully formed and bursting with heart.

PLINI: ‘Electric Sunrise’

With highly anticipated debut full-length album, Handmade Cities on the horizon, Sydney musicians PLINI‘s latest release, ‘Electric Sunrise’ is an indicator something special is ahead of us. The musicianship is incredible, it loses the post-rock clichés and delivers something completely refreshing. With its unfettered melodic joy further bolstering an already rich soundscape, PLINI are at the top of their game.

Distant Mountains: ‘Liquid Mountains’

I know two things about Distant Mountains. They are a duo and hail from San Franciso. The important thing here is their intoxicating new song ‘Liquid Doubt’. The introduction creates imagery illustrating the likes of those azure blue seas in Mauritius. That soothing feeling you can’t quite explain, but it’s so fulfilling. The power’s in the…

THE SAVILLES: ‘Amber Lamps’

Oh Canada, you seem to have this gene pool of artists that surprise and delight. Toronto’s The Savilles continue a roster of impresarios from across the Atlantic. ‘Amber Lamps’, is a song which injects fresh life into a saturated genre while maintaining blazing spirit. This is surprising, hugely satisfying and helps showcase a vocalist with…

Mandy Sloan: ‘Let’s Go For Broke’

Pop-folk singer/songwriter Mandy Sloan creates a cinematic, naive and coy landscape with her latest release, ‘Let’s Go For Broke’. The Austin, Texas artist uses her vocals in a way that they become as animated as the rich, syncopation created instrumentally.  It’s the attitude and idiosyncrasies that make this refreshing, notable and exhilarating.

STEELE: ‘Follow’

Directed by Kristoffer “KIGGS” Carlsson, Swedish chanteuse STEELE has revealed the intoxicating video for her latest single, ‘Follow’.  Perfectly marrying understated electronica to euphoric vocals and melodies, this captures so much heartfelt emotion in the chorus that you feel the passion build up within you. Exhilaration and melancholy never sounded so good.

Rag’n’Bone Man: ‘Human’

Rag’n’Bone Man, AKA Rory Graham has been touring the circuit relentlessly and praised for his hard work, it seems his big break is just about to happen.  With quite the buzz, ‘Human’ has an emotional depth that gets right beneath the skin. Even without an orchestra, Graham’s vocal has enough power and passion to resonate with…

Law Holt: ‘Summer’s Coming’

Having followed Law Holt for some time now, it’s become apparent there is no way to categorise or pigeonhole her as an artist. Something I am sure she would be happy about and something that is remarkably refreshing when describing her music. ‘Summer’s Coming’ is the latest release from the Edinburgh-based artist. Championed by her…

FEWS: ’10 Things’

Whilst I don’t like to deliver too many comparisons between bands, however, when Bloc Party departed from their angular, addictive guitar-driven anthem, it was a very sad day. London’s FEWS have helped cure a craving and thankfully, they do so in their own tantalising way. Produced by Dan Carey, ’10 Things’ is the band’s latest triumphant stamp…