The Jane Bradfords – Judicial Duel

I have been a fan of Northern Irish band The Jane Bradfords for about 6 years now. I read that back and I am staggered how long it has been. After a long sabbatical the band are back with an album that is breathtaking.

The album review is on its way, but in the meantime I couldn’t let this pass without making them one of our Songs of the Day. It was genuinely difficult to pick a single track and my favourites keep changing like my underwear, but ‘Judicial Duel’ was the one that I first had on repeat for a long time.

This track gives me faith in Indie music after becoming somewhat disillusioned for a while. A delightfully composed song that is almost cathartic in delivery. Declan Gallen’s unmistakeable vocals are exhilarating; The Jane Bradfords have taken common influences and grafted them into fresh and arresting.

The album comes out February 13. You will not be disappointed; Northern Ireland has something to be shouting from the rooftops about.

Halina Rifai

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