Spotify: New Music Playlist

Welcome to our weekly Spotify playlist. We say hello to our first playlist of 2019. Here are a collection of songs that have stood out for us this week and the reasons why. With love.

Louien: Be Forgiven

A song about reconciliation, Norway’s Louien delivers an exquisite precursor to her upcoming album surrounding the subject of grief. There is something seductively personal in her delivery which makes it almost transcendental. Epic in its arrangement, yet still maintaining a magnificent level of intimacy, this feels like the introductory chapter to a very special narrative. 

Tommy Ashby: Steady Hand

Having recently supported The Xcerts and impressively landed soundtracking credits on Grey’s Anatomy and more, Ashby releases his second single from his forthcoming Golden Arrow EP set for release April this year. With its rich production and deft arrangement, this pushes beyond your modest singer-songwriter making this a compelling listen. This is notably heartfelt and will have new listeners captured effortlessly. 

Tate Tucker: Breezy

With a debut EP due out later this spring, the born and bred LA singer, rapper and songwriter presents his kaleidoscopic hip hop approach. Impressing with his diversity and scope, this appeals to both the more underground fans of hip hop and mainstream in equal measure. We cannot wait to see what Tucker has on the horizon.

Wy: Tired II

Ebba and Michael are the rousing Swedish duo behind Wy. It’s quite remarkable how palatial a sound they manage to achieve on record and coupled with Ebba’s unforgettable vocal, the result is anthemic. Their second album is due out at the end of April and promises a sonic journey for its listener to be lost in. 

Faodail: Looming

The Scottish producer can do no wrong and returns with one of his most dynamic releases to date. Laid on the foundations of his production techniques up until now, this is undeniably more expansive than previous offerings. A constant in Faodail’s palette is the richness he manages to inject into his soundscapes meaning that any visual accompaniment will be elevated immeasurably. This is expressive, absorbing and thrilling. 

JAMESDAVIS: Dodger Black

The LA-based outfit has already gained significant support and following from industry and fans and their latest single further cements their striking blend of neo-soul and R&B. This triumphs in a stylistic field where so many feel generic and its brooding underbelly, fervent backing from percussive strikes and pristine gospel vocal harmonies provide the perfect springboard for a glorious vocal topline. 

Devon Gilfillian: Get Out And Get It 

This has already placed itself as one of my favourite songs of 2019. The first single to be taken from his debut album produced by Shawn Everett is a gutsy soul gem. Innovative, bold and packed with hooks, this is a work of art and one that I will have on heavy rotation for months to come. 

girlhouse: A Lot

With very little information to accompany the outfit, we are left to talk soley about the music and that’s quite frankly all we need. An embracing modern ballad, this places it’s lasting gaze on you and you are transfixed until the final note. They have created something profound both melodically and dynamically and this lets you into a sentimental world of spectral beauty. 

The Dawdler: Flickering Out

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s John Edgar aka The Dawdler already holds an impressive musical association with some of our favourite bands to come out of the area including Eat Fast and Okay Champ. Sonically, this offers very different energy from the aforementioned. His tremulous yet haunting vocal delivery provides a canopy over a heady instrumental score and possesses a refreshing simplicity that lets this wash over you. This is completely delicious. 

Sabel: Mirth Drive

The second single to be taken from her debut EP places her as a notable new singer-songwriter on our horizon. The sadness channelled through her delivery indicates more hope than it does a wallowing and with some stunning nuances of fragility in the instrumental arrangement, there is so much more to this upon further listening. With a vocal that will catch even the most sullen listeners, the emotional depth on show here is compelling. 

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