Richard Walters: ‘New Air’

Richard Walters: ‘New Air’

Richard Walters continues to act like a puppet master when it comes to dictating our emotions with his music. 

I have been covering Walters for around 10 years now on and off and his resistance when it comes to navigating the music industry alone is admirable. The wealth of feeling he injects into his songwriting is jaw-dropping at times but what sets him apart is you can feel his lived investment sonically. 

His latest release ‘New Air’ bleeds complete pain and love and is delivered with such compelling urgency that you have to remember to take a breath. The passion within Walters’ performance wavers with discernable confidence and with a swirling soundscape at the back of him, this makes you desperate to experience it within a live setting. 

Walters is easily one of the finest songwriters over the last decade at least.  

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