Rangleklods: ‘Alien’

Rangleklods: ‘Alien’

With his new single “Alien“, Rangleklods poignantly captures the surreal euphoria and anxiety of expecting a first child.

Alien‘ sees the Danish electronic producer gazing at his pregnant partner while delivering lyrics that starkly illustrate the contradictory emotions of impending parenthood. His vocals are pitched down to a monstrous timbre, as if from the perspective of the baby itself.

Rangleklods’ signature sonic experiments mesh seamlessly with the track’s propulsive 4/4 groove, making it both cerebral and danceable. It’s an idiosyncratic take on starting a family, toggling between joy and discomfort.

‘Alien‘ provides an enthralling first glimpse at Rangleklods’ intensely personal new album Breathe In, Breathe Out, due out in February 2024. With this release, Rangleklods proves himself one of electronic music’s most fascinating voices.

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