Podcart Tips: 2011

So I thought I would highlight a few artists that Glasgow Podcart believes you should keep an eye on for 2011 and going forward. I suppose I should put some kind of disclaimer about it being the opinion of myself and so on, but hey they are great musicians and deserve to be checked out. I will say that they are not all Scottish and there are some international gems are in there. All I am saying is please take the time to listen to them!

Phillip Taylor has always been one of the most infectious people for me in the grass roots Scottish music community and his previous musical projects have always caught my attention. PAWS is by far my favourite and I will remain dedicated to discovering absolutely everything they produce in 2011. ‘Salem’ is by far one of my favourite tracks of discovery since the beginning of Podcart. It takes me back to the spine tingling euphoria that bands like Pavement gave me and I am quite happy for these guys to take over this helm.

Dot J.R.
I think people are going to be pretty surprised that know me and my tastes when I shout this gentleman’s name from the rooftops. It is R’n’B, hip hop, pop goodness and he has some ridiculously exciting things coming up in 2011. An adorable individual with addictive pop songs. The hooks on tracks such as ‘Top of the World’ are dangerously addictive and I think this young prodigy has a big future in production.

Happy Particles
Probably my most anticipated album of 2011. Every single track they have released so far has been godly including their cover of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Lovestoned’ which has been on my personal playlist of favourite songs of the year for the last month or so. Dreamy, nectar…they take me to my favourite places in my imagination. Essentially I fucking adore this band.

Dad Rocks
We visit Denmark next and Dad Rocks. Snævar Njáll Albertsson of the epic band Mimas has created a solo project and by God is it good. Obvious influences are Mike Kinsella (Owen), but Snævar takes his own individual humour and genius musicianship and creates music that is just life affirming. He has become someone that I have grown to respect in a very short space of time and have found myself listening to as much of his projects as possible. Notable mention must go to his band Mimas who played one of my top 5 gigs of the year.

Marble Sounds

We are hopping all over the world here! Next is Belgium and Marble Sounds. My good friend Klaartje posted the video below on my Facebook and that was me sold. Pieter of the band also has side project Plastic Operator which I discovered some time ago and after hearing this I was staggered. It goes in my top 3 albums of 2010 and I just know they will be huge in 2011. They have the ability to create epic sounds with minimal effort and that for me is what buys my heart.

Finn Lemarinel
Finn of Scottish band Trapped in Kansas has recently started a side solo project and this may be a mighty statement, but Joanna Newsom may consider this her male prophecy. Finn has a great love for his family and their influence especially his mothers is very apparent in his work. He combines humour, melancholy and technically gifted musicianship. He is just genuinely one of the most talented young people I have ever come across and someone that astounds me to the point of silence.


Pensioner are Dundee’s next greatest export and a band that excite me greatly. Having started to make a name for themselves on the gig circuit supporting bands such as Bronto Skylift they are a band to watch out for. Recording currently with sound engineer extraordinaire Robin Sutherland they produce great alternative rock music and display a genuine passion for what they do.

The Son(s)

Wow. I don’t really know how to begin with this one. Their track ‘You Belong To No one’ appealed to the Bon Iver lover in me and subsequently every other Soundcloud published song they put up turned into a library of wonder. Their music Levitates me and I have simply fallen in love with them. Having recently released a single with digital label Eli and Oz and big plans for 2011, the critics have been queuing up to play and review them and quite rightly so. You are going to be hearing a lot from them.

Other artists that we have written about, listened and championed that we know are going to have a phenomenal year coming up are: Conquering Animal Sound, RM Hubbert, Panda Su, United Fruit, Fat Goth, And So I Watch You From Afar and many more.

Halina Rifai

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