Neptune Orizon: ‘Thirteen’

Neptune Orizon: ‘Thirteen’

French producer Neptune Orizon, crafts a poignant piano-driven piece full of emotional resonance on his latest release.

Seductive synth textures blossom around delicate piano melodies like shadowy vines, building dramatic tension. Yet a luminous simplicity prevails through delicate shifts of harmony and timbre. Martinez controls the surging currents of sound with a deft but unforced hand.

Thirteen‘ stakes out its own distinct and magical sonic territory. This is no mere mood piece. Sublime dynamic variation carries the listener from passages of brooding intensity to transcendent currents of light and back again.

A subtle but indelible alchemy imbues this perfectly balanced composition. The producer ensnares emotion within an abstract sound-world like a firefly cupped lightly in the palm, illuminating but untamed. 

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