Life Is Like A Box Of Records: RM Hubbert

Some time ago I was sitting on a bus with a token playlist of songs that had influenced my life in some way or another. Being somewhat refreshed, I started thinking of all the times that these songs had become significant and thought, wouldn’t it be an excellent idea to delve into other people’s ‘Life Record Boxes’. Luckily people have been wonderful and we have an incredible series continuing.

Today is the turn of RM Hubbert. A man that has helped Podcart flourish more than a lot of people may know. You can find out more about his music here: Photo by Pat McGuire.

Adam & the Ants Deutscher Girls

My first musical love. I have no idea how I first heard this as a 5 year old but I was besotted from first listen. I remember having a conversation with my then best friend after his mother suggested that we should maybe listen to more than just one record over and over. She suggested Duran Duran. We knew that was crazy talk. I still love this record.

Simple MindsI Travel

My second musical love. I spent most of the early to mid eighties listening to this record. Still kicks my baws right in.

Def Leppard Animal

The first band I ever saw live. Edinburgh Playhouse, 1986. Was pish then. Is pish now. That experience pushed me right in the other direction. I bought my first Black Flag record soon afterwards.

Black Flag Depression

Speaking of which; there was a skateboarding video released in the mid eighties that shaped my musical tastes more than any other thing before or since, it was called Streets on Fire. The soundtrack was put together by SST Records and featured Black Flag, Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Sonic Youth and many others. It blew my tiny little mind. I remember sitting with my little tape recorder up against the TV so that I could listen to it whilst I was skating. You can watch it online at

Fugazi Waiting Room

My friend Toby introduced me to this. I was a big fan of Minor Threat but wasn’t aware of Fugazi yet (pre internet days, you kids don’t know you’re born, etc). Anyway, I remember going round to visit and being absolutely blown away when he played this. I think he may have played Doolittle by The Pixies for me as well then. A good day.

MinutemenHistory Lesson Part II

The greatest love song ever written. Double Nickels on the Dime changed my life. Made me realise that politics could be personal, that three guys in a band could change the world, one person at a time.

Sparklehorse Someday I Will Treat You Good

One of the best sounding records I’ve ever heard. Also, introduced me to the idea of music being used for relief from mental illness. Mark’s suicide really fucked with me; I’d put so much faith in the idea that if he could use music to make himself better then so could I. I guess it’s never that easy though.

Public EnemyBlack Steel in the Hour of Chaos

I’d pay good money to watch Chuck D recite his shopping list.

The Twilight Sad – The Wrong Car

This one sums up everything I love about these guys. It’s loud, twisted and will tear your still beating heart out of your chest. Had me in tears more than once at their shows. Don’t tell them I said that though, don’t want those fuckers to get big heads.

Nicola RobertsFish Out of Water

Another great love song. I love this album. It’s a bold move to make an album about how fucked the music industry is whilst still heavily involved in it. I hope she makes another one soon

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