Hazlett: ‘Bones Shake’

Hazlett: ‘Bones Shake’

Hazlett‘s latest single, ‘Bones Shake’ emerges as a poignant testament to the power of introspection and the catharsis found in distance.

Hazlett’s cultural journey adds a layer of depth to his songwriting, infusing his music with a worldly perspective that resonates with listeners far and wide.

In ‘Bones Shake’, Hazlett masterfully navigates themes of self-discovery and redemption, propelled by a haunting backdrop of lulled guitars and candid lyricism. As the song builds towards its soaring and cathartic chorus, Hazlett’s emotive vocals serve as a rallying cry for those seeking clarity amidst the chaos of life’s trials.

With each strum and each word, Hazlett invites listeners on a transformative journey of healing and growth, solidifying his continued status as a rising talent in the indie folk scene.

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