girlhouse: ‘you don’t think about me’

girlhouse: ‘you don’t think about me’

girlhouse‘s latest single ‘you don’t think about me’ is another inspiring slice of indie pop from the artist that’s sure to tug at heartstrings.

With influences ranging from Soccer Mommy to Phoebe Bridgers, the track is an introspective reflection on social anxieties and navigating life through them. 

From the first notes, ‘you don’t think about me’ establishes a dreamy soundscape. Melodically infectious, its emotional depth and honesty give a great springboard to girlhouse’s sublime vocals. 

Despite its melancholy, ‘you don’t think about me’ never feels overly sentimental or cloying. Instead, it’s a mature and nuanced exploration of the complexities of human emotion, rendered with impressive musical and lyrical skill.

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