Fat Suit – ‘No Regrets’

Let’s get over the name first and move on… Yes, Fat Suit. Ok, are we ready? Excellent, let’s move onto the members:

Mark Scobbie – Drums • Martyn Hodge – Percussion • Matt Arnott – Percussion • Angus Tikka – Bass • Utsav Lal – Piano/Keys • Alanna McCuaig – Organ/Keys • Craig McMahon – Synth/Keys • Dorian Cloudsley – Guitar • Andrew Cowan -Guitar • Scott Murphy – Sax • Phil Cardwell – Trumpet • Alex Sharples – Trumpet • Murray McFarlane – Trumpet • Alister More – Trombone • Laura Wilkie – Violin • Mhairi Marwick – Violin

I think I have grabbed your attention by now, hopefully. Fat Suit are set to play the Solus Tent at Wickerman Festival this year and are another of the stunning groups that grace the festival this year. The 15-piece collective fuse jazz, Celtic, orchestral, math rock and goodness knows what else. For me ‘No Regrets’ is the track that cripples me each time I listen to it. I am going to be honest and say that I had to stop typing this whilst listening to it to just get my breath back. The track and performance make me ridiculously emotional. I suppose you almost have this sense of pride that you live in a country that produces musicians like this and that in itself can be overwhelming.

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