Eclectic Peel

Back in August my right hand art woman Sophie Stubbs and I decided that it was about time to put on another exhibition. This time though it was going to be a whole lot bigger. After the success of Sketchbook that Sophie and Iona Bruce produced we wanted to keep our ties with the music world in as that essentially is what Podcart is all about.

Eclectic Peel is going to be taking place in just over a month’s time. We have specially selected over 20 artists and paired them up. We have everyone from painters, animators, illustrators, photographers, musicians! We even have a fashion designer and a dancer! In their pairs they will then create an original piece of work based on the legendary John Peel that we will exhibit.

We are planning a special launch and more details about this are coming very soon. If you would like more information then please email!

In the meantime get very excited as this is the biggest and most ambitious thing that we have planned so far!

Halina Rifai

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