Dorian Sorriaux: ‘Just a Little More’

Dorian Sorriaux: ‘Just a Little More’

Dorian Sorriaux, renowned for his work as the lead guitarist of the Swedish band Blues Pills, has crafted a poignant and uplifting single with ‘Just a Little More’.

Drawing from the rich tapestry of folk music’s golden age, Sorriaux’s songwriting shines as he tackles the weighty subjects of mental illness and substance abuse with a deft and compassionate touch.

The song’s lyrics are imbued with a sense of hope and resilience, a testament to Sorriaux’s ability to find light in even the most challenging of circumstances. The accompaniment, featuring backing vocals, mellotron, and percussions, adds depth and texture to the track, creating a lush sonic landscape that perfectly complements Sorriaux’s emotive vocals.

‘Just a Little More’ is a powerful and moving tribute to a lost friend and a beacon of hope for anyone struggling.

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