B O Ḵ Ë: ‘Time For Change’

B O Ḵ Ë: ‘Time For Change’

Scottish producer B O Ḵ Ë delivers a texturally rich delight in ‘Time For Change’, taken from recently release long player The Rambling Mute

Achieving a perfect fusion of trip hop, experimentalism and electronica, the producer delivers an extremely entertaining tightrope to walk. 

Despite its repetition, it not only feels extravagant but leaves you yearning for more. B O Ḵ Ë’s heady concept is what makes me excited for Scottish music going forward and the genre-agnostic style on show means absolutely no pigeon-holing – just the way we like it.

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  1. Incredible! Thanks again, Ladies. Always a pleasure reading your take on my sound. Bless!

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