Ava Earl: ‘Jealous of Her’

Ava Earl: ‘Jealous of Her’

Alaskan singer-songwriter Ava Earl turns unrequited love into emotive art on ‘Jealous of Her’, an introspective folk-pop jewel.

Her delicate vocals ache with sincerity as she explores the complex pangs of one-sided affection. Dreamy soundscapes evoke the icy expanse of her home state, with crisp acoustics.

Lyrically poetic, she elevates familiar emotions to stirring heights. ‘Jealous of Her’ lingers beautifully after it ends, an open-hearted meditation on human connections. With her gift for storytelling and nuanced vocal delivery, this feels like a breakthrough moment for a rising talent. Earl has harnessed raw feelings to create something resonant and true. 

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