Zafty: ‘John Doe’

Zafty: ‘John Doe’

At 17 years old, Zafty’s latest single ‘John Doe‘ showcases a musical prowess beyond his years.

Punchy hip hop production meets effortlessly confident vocals as this Nigerian-born, Perth-raised rapper explores themes of identity and conviction over a notable music bed.

While comparisons run rampant in hip hop, Zafty stands firmly on his own, annunciating his commitment to chasing self-discovery through music. His natural vocal control and advanced rhythmic sensibilities shine as he tirelessly winds his way around the mix. Momentum continuously builds before an apex of empowering self-assured lyrics.

The intimacy of focus booth vocals pairs sublimely with grandiose strings and horns for a mix both affectionate and ambitious. While the track itself remains polished, a raw earnestness in Zafty’s delivery harkens back to the golden era of conscious hip hop.

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