Yip Man: ‘Silver Wings’

Yip Man: ‘Silver Wings’

Aberdonian songwriter Al Nero has been a staple in the Scottish DIY music community for a number of years now. Thanks to Armellodie Records, the Glasgow label he co-founded, he has helped bring notable bands such as Super Adventure Club, Le Reno Amps and Cuddly Shark to the fore.

He has since introduced his alter-ego, Yip ManĀ following a brief sabbatical in China. We are delighted to premiere his new video for his latest track ‘Silver Wings’.

Nero explains, “Silver Wings is about time I spent living and working in the People’s Republic of China. It was an amazing experience and I’ve certainly no regrets, however this song probably catches me at my most reflective and homesick. I met some totally cool people and went to loads of fascinating places, equally so I met plenty dubious characters and spent more time than I care to remember in places that can only be described as shit-holes. Silver Wings gets a little caught up in the latter, a sort of pinch-myself what the hell am I doing here type vibe. Those homesick blues get to us all at some point don’t they?”

Nero’s stellar individuality and inquisitive sweetness is utterly noble. He has an earnestness and sincerity that makes this song exceptionally poignant. Accompanied by an intoxicating video, it’s manic outro delivers a worthy and euphoric sense of relief. This is a trip worth taking.

‘Silver Wings’ is available as a free download on Friday 16th September from yipman.bandcamp.com/album/silver-wings, the track isĀ taken from the debut album, Braw Power, which will be available on CD, LP from all good record shops and on download from all major service providers on Friday 11th November via Armellodie Records.

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