Weirdo: ‘Attitude’

Weirdo: ‘Attitude’

An enigmatic artist, Weirdo has managed to gain notable acclaim and create interweb hype. They live between Berlin and the UK and that’s about as much as I know, but hey, fuck the mystery – it’s about the music.

‘Attitude’, is the 3rd track to be released and if there’s a single cohesive quality that binds these songs together, it’s consistency of sound and scope.

Weirdo says of the song, “In Berlin, we really don’t give a fuck; it’s totally open-minded and free-spirited, where as in the UK, it’s a complete meltdown of arrogance concurred from being let down by the government. This is an anthem to all people that feel weird right about now in life and let down: keep walking, no-one can stop you.”

‘Attitude’ is an intriguing, idiosyncratic and defiant song that will leave you feeling increasingly devoted with each listen.

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