VILDE: ‘Strictly Speaking’

VILDE: ‘Strictly Speaking’

When Kins first entered my life, it was an immediate love affair. As a blogger, the amount of music you listen to results in the merging of artists and memories bleed into one. There are the odd gems like sunlight on sand that stand out. Kins were a band that stood tall and now former member Thomas Vilde has embarked on his own with VILDE

Having announced the release of a track every month over the course of a year, ‘Strictly Speaking’ is the third offering and described by Vilde as,“the blurred middle of the venn diagram where visual love meets social love and how we find ways to deal with & understand it”. 

There is something quite sinister within this, a tension from the onset that feels a bit constrictive within its composition. A song of almost two halves, the relief and profundity of the later is emotionally piercing. It’s almost as if a voice of solitude is giving you a confessional. This is sensational.

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