Vessels – ‘On Monos’ feat. Snow Fox

Vessels – ‘On Monos’ feat. Snow Fox

Having written about Leeds band Vessels more times than most, I am ecstatic to see that they are on the verge of their third album release.

Dilate will be released in March 2015, but in the meantime they have revealed single ‘On Monos’ which features vocals from Snow Fox.

For many Vessels devotees this will be something quite different, however it in no way diminishes any love I have for them, if anything it proves exactly how versatile they are. It as always been apparent that they have a keen love for electronic and dance and it is wonderful to see them branching out into that area.

Having said that, there is no indication as to whether Dilate will be of a similar vein, we will just have to wait and see.

With its synthetic catchy core and heartfelt lyrics, ‘On Monos’ could quite easily hit the mainstream with no question. It may be easy to take Vessels for granted, but the precision with which they craft their music is not to be underestimated. It is to be admired and shared as much as possible.

Pre-order Dilate here:

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