Vessels: ‘Had A Love (feat. Anna Of The North)’

Vessels: ‘Had A Love (feat. Anna Of The North)’

My obsession with Vessels started around 2009, the Leeds outfit were one of the most vibrant and exciting bands to come along in some time. I saw them live for the first time in Glasgow’s Captain’s Rest, it turned out to be one of the most memorable shows ever attended. Their energy, musicianship and attention to detail was staggering.

There has always been an undertone of electronic dance to their music and they have managed to flow between genres effortlessly. Their stamina is one of the most notable things, therefore it is wonderful to see them continue to evolve.

Their latest release, ‘Had A Love’ sees them collaborate with another glorious artist, Anna Of The North. A multi-layered dance anthem packed full of hooks, this is Vessels most settled work to date and one that is a precursor to a no doubt highly promising next album.

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