Venture Deep 3 Mix (Moxu, Faded Shores, Sensus)

Venture Deep 3 Mix (Moxu, Faded Shores, Sensus)

Nu Venture Records reveal their latest drum & bass bonanza release Venture Deep 3 Mix featuring some sublime production talents. 

Moxu, Faded Shores & Sensus lend their crafts to an EP that journeys through an exploration of various D&B themes and doesn’t feel restricted in its styles. 

Rich in scope, all its producers still manage to bring something new to the table whilst marrying with one another seamlessly. Immersive and occasionally revelatory, it creates a distractive ambience and is utterly modernistic. 

It’s really great to see the strong new wave of D&B producers continuing to come through and further strengthen a platform that is still so ferociously underrated when it comes to art. 


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