United Fruit – ‘Open Your Eyes’

United Fruit – ‘Open Your Eyes’

This will probably come as no surprise to many that this is Song of the Day today. United Fruit’s official first single ‘Open Your Eyes’ from forthcoming album Nightmare Recovery is quite simply massive. The single will be released October 27th via label First Run Records who are the subject of a special feature coming this Friday.

‘Open Your Eyes’ was recorded and produced by the highly underrated Bruce Rintoul of 45 A-Side Recordings and the job he has done on the album is pretty special. He has notably polished UF’s sound, but kept the real essence of what they are about. Frontman Iskandar Stewart’s songwriting is remarkably impressive, having churned out a number of hits over the last 5 years, it is easy to see why they are not only admired by their fans, but also their peers.

‘Open Your Eyes’ has expanded the group’s sound. There are still instantly recognisable post-hardcore elements, but it is as if they have discovered what works within their music and taken it forward. They have now emerged from their own shadow with added power.

United Fruit play Mono this tonight with Future of the Left and Blacklisters.

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