TRNSMT: Podcart Recommends…

TRNSMT: Podcart Recommends…

It’s almost time for TRNSMT to make its debut at the city’s Glasgow Green!

We will be there in full force on Friday 7th July, but we decided to make a playlist of artists that we recommend seeing over the course of the weekend:

Wuh Oh


When I first heard Wuh Oh’s (aka Peter Ferguson) ‘Stay Tuned’, I did drop everything I was doing. In the words of the great Limmy, it was “the sound of the summer”. A  sun-kissed pop odyssey that seems to be the common theme throughout his compositions. Live, he really is a delight. (Photo: Cameron Brisbane)

The Van T’s

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What a way this quartet have come. I think they have now started to hit their stride and their gritty, alternative rock pop has a way of taking hold of you. They are a band destined for great things. (Photo: Martin D Barker)

The Vegan Leather


This is the now go-to festival booking. That’s me stating that. They are one of the most vibrant and exciting new bands in Scottish music and with tinges of LCD Soundsystem to Sparks, you will remember them after experiencing them live. (Photo: Michael Bryant)


Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 10.11.18

The latest addition to TRNSMT, Brighton 4-piece Yonaka are invigorating, charming and Theresa Jarvis’s savage, bursting vocal is the icing on the cake.

JR Green

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 10.16.38

Hailing from a remote corner of Scotland, brothers JR Green have already gained acclaim from some of the music industry’s most influential figures. Their endearing, powerful delivery is so vividly matched by their beguiling lyrics.

Strange Bones


An unshakeable band live, their gut-wrenching riffs and unrestrained live delivery is widely talked about. Your ears are going to be ringing for days after.

The Wytches


The sound of alternative rock at its rawest and most untamed. There’s a dexterity and dynamic to them that proves why they became so widely talked about.

Black Honey


Sharp, gluttonously huge-sounding and they establish what rock is allowed to stand for.



Vukovi have steadily been working like fucking Trojans in the background. Their commitment as a band is notable and the quartet always provide a cavalcade of hooks with a thrilling live show.



This comes as no surprise. Probably the defining band of my generation and one of the greatest live bands in the world today.

TRNSMT Festival takes place 7th – 9th July. For full info including tickets visit:

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